Good Monsters & Bad Monsters


Now for the bad monster. Scott Lively, author of “The Pink Swastika,” which says gay men are to blame for the holocaust, was just respectfully interviewed on NPR on his support for the new Uganda law criminalizing “aggravated homosexuality.” Here’s a quote:

“Sodomy is not a human right. I’m an attorney. I majored in human rights, and I can tell you that was – this idea that homosexual sodomy represents a human right is a brand-new invention of the late – latter part of the 20th century by hard-left cultural Marxists.”

Does this mean that heterosexual sodomy is a product of capitalism? And is it a right?

Also, I guess it’s not a mystery why the Right of homosexual sodomy wasn’t created by soft-left cultural Marxists! (Rim shot.)


One thought on “Good Monsters & Bad Monsters

  1. I’ve always said that there isn’t one blessed thing that homosexuals do sexually that heterosexuals can’t do, so what’s the hang-up? We can mostly keep it real while they have to resort to machinations.

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