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Pulgasari Invades Brooklyn!

Pulgasari, the wild giant monster movie produced, yes produced, by North Korea’s Kim Jung-il in 1985 recently got a rare public showing in Brooklyn. I went. I saw. I wrote a review. Which you can read at The Monster Shack – FYI.




Should North Korea Invade…

If you don’t stay awake at nights worrying about an invasion from North Korea, the 2012 remake “Red Dawn” should set you straight. In the 80’s original it was the Soviets who invade, and are resisted by a group of sexy, white, American teenagers. That was far fetched enough, but North Korea?!? (Horrible government & nuclear program aside, they can’t afford to adequately feed a quarter of their own population, so I was amazed this film wasn’t a comedy.) None of the Member Reviews on Netflix I saw get into this, however, as that would spoil the fun. Below is the best one I came across. You’ll learn we have 2.5 military-style assault weapons that are “accounted for.” You’ll learn the relative merits of the M-16 and the AR-15. And you’ll learn that “99.999% of gun owners aren’t looking to kill any of their fellow citizens – just invaders or oppressive governments.” – Thank goodness all the gun massacres we have only come from that .001%!


Here’s the review:

“…there are roughly 2.5 million military-style assault weapons (accounted for) in the U.S. alone. In the area they’re in, Washington State, I’d say they – if you include Montana and North/South Dakota, which you would if you had ever lived there…which I have – then you’re looking at a good third of those weapons. That doesn’t include the hundreds of thousands of rifles, shotguns and modified semi-auto handguns and rifles that are off the books. I concede readily that the M-16 is superior weapon in that it can fire single shot, a 3 round burst, or full auto, but from everything I’ve read, pretty much any AR-15 (the civilian equivalent and just as powerful) can be modified to do the same. And just when you thought I was done….nope. We can also outfit our SKS’s, AR-15’s and AK-47’s with nearly every single mod that the military and police can, which is to say laser sights, flashlights, smoke grenades (yes, smokes grenades) and a number of other accoutrements. Final point being, those boys and girls shouldn’t have had to take out so many of the enemy just to get their weapons (or at least not have such a hard time doing it) since their parents were likely well-equipped already. And that, ladies and gentlemen is WHY we outfit our weapons like that – 99.999% of gun owners aren’t looking to kill any of their fellow citizens – just invaders or oppressive governments. Tanks or no tanks, unless they’re planning to nuke us – which our U.S. military is well-prepared for, I might add, a foreign invader seems much less likely to me than our own. Pshah!”

Fun With Fascists!

Here’s a morbidly enjoyable item from The Huffington Post. As horrible as the fascist dictatorship in North Korea is, they wisely point out that we shouldn’t buy every horror story that comes out of the South Korean and Japanese press. Looking over their list of 10 outrageous rumors, it all looks pretty sensible to me – except for the last one. They only consider it “likely” that South Korean movie director Shin Sang-ok and his actress wife Choi Un-hoi were indeed kidnapped so they could work in the North Korean film industry. This isn’t confirmed? Both escaped and told their tales. Why is that not enough, when it IS confirmed that a number of Japanese citizens were kidnapped from beaches in Japan?